Dr. Ernest Williamson III

From the spirit of a young rapper grew an incredible talent in the form of Dr. Ernest Williamson III. His art is a marvel: rays of creative brilliance beguile and shine through every piece. Williamson's poetry is profound and important; a gift to us all and to Heard.

Voices From The Quickening Quicksand

spin from the wayward watchmen
the tyrants of yesteryear
who bludgeon Black men with
large schemes
delaying dreams
in the seams of America's promise.
unknown though frequently digested
like wasteful air
good and bad
so why thrive or
pretend to leap above the dull minds of the East and West,
united in print
yet torn and bleeding
in minds unaffected,
as the black skins
encasing them
wither with the seasons
until the harvest
of a growing lily
for the world
from a world
there and here
though lasting
awhile too short
in a hymnal
of shame.

The Beauty of Indecisions

The Impatient Lover

I don't know you;
even though the rain stopped last night
and melded with the dew of the morning.
like love
unlike love
it's still an unknown variable;
lying in wicked
with hints
of fading green
delightful to see
but love
more than
one time
a few days ago
earlier today.....

Between Jazz the Blues

Spilled Mattering

there are woven gray tapestries
aligned with malt and insecurity;
amongst the collective banter
breathing upon me.
I've survived the shackles
the inveterate
on the ground
before and after the election
of Obama.
left in a ruddy cup of purity
is a lie;
a festering boil
as a balm,
like a confused
or like a budding beard
reaching for sunlight.
a warmth
a cover
to mast the trading
in the bow of a careless
be it Amistad
or in the ignored
swimming above
and beneath

Facing Manhattan

Blind Vision

I saw gold violins
descending from granite black skies
the way of the wind
was in constant flux
women were giving birth on bridges on highways
some were hovering above the Mississippi river
laughing at the drowning unbelievers
surrounding them I saw the moon
glide with stealth and ghost-like confidence
alternating in color
pink, white, then gray
yet I didn't see my peace
my missing rib
my systemic buckle
known for holding me
in involuntary bliss
and placid stillness
at night
and so my dream
was of minor mentioning
lest I ever imagine imagination
without creativity

 Eyes to the Sky

The Interview:
Vibrant reflections of the many-faceted artist: Dr. Ernest Williamson III.

If you could have a conversation with anyone, alive or in spirit, who would that be and what would you wish to talk about?

I would love to have a conversation with Leonardo De Vinci. The universal genius of De Vinci has had a profound influence on my life and I would ask De Vinci the following questions: How do you deal with your unique multifaceted identity? What is your greatest source of inspiration?  What does it mean to be an artist and a scientist?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?

I would live in Manhattan, New York because it is salubrious for an artist to live there.

What advice would you give to the aspiring writer about rejection?

Rejection is a part of life and a major part of a writer’s life; one should learn from rejection, expect rejection; and write on.

When did you begin writing poetry? Would you indulge us with a little backstory about your writing?

I began rapping at the age of ten; at the age of sixteen, I wrote my first formal poem entitled “Blue by Noonday”.

What is one of the biggest obstacles you've overcome as an artist?

Nine years ago my apartment was flooded and many of my original paintings were destroyed.  Since then, I have managed to create over 1200 original paintings.

Please give us a glimpse inside the heart of your artwork, (though it lives, breathes and tells its own story on the page), we’d love to hear a few of its secrets from you.

Art is the marriage of the intellect and the soul; the voice of reflection providing purpose and illumination for times of trouble and triumph. My work is an attempt to show the beauty of life in all of its grandeur. Creativity is all about perception; one must perceive his or her environment in a multiplicity of ways and then readily derive novelty.

Where do you find inspiration?

The creative process; politics; trouble; peace; and nature are all sources of inspiration for my creative work.

Dr. Ernest Williamson III has published creative work in over 600 journals. Professor Williamson has published poetry in over 200 journals, including The Oklahoma Review, Contemporary American Voices, Pamplemousse, formerly known as The Gihon River Review, and The Copperfield Review. Some of his visual artwork has appeared in journals such as The Columbia Review, The GW Review, New England Review; and The Tulane Review. He has published articles on comparative education in the academic journal Academic Exchange Extra (University of Northern Colorado),and his research has been cited in journals such as The Urban Review and The Public Purpose(American University). Many of his creative works have been published in journals representing over 75 colleges and universities around the world; Williamson is an Assistant Professor of English at Allen University and his poetry has been nominated three times for the Best of the Net Anthology. Williamson holds a B.A. and an M.A. in English/Creative Writing/Literature from the University of Memphis, a PhD in Higher Education Leadership, Management, & Policy from Seton Hall University, and a certificate from Harvard University's Graduate School of Education. yessy.com/budicegenius.